Learn to Sail

Beginning-Advanced Structured Sailing Instructions and ASA

Whether you have no sailing experience at all or if you are a seasoned sailor, we offer a range of sailing courses aboard our catamarans. For those of you new to sailing, you may want to try some of our non-certification introductory courses which generally range from two hours to one day where you may learn the basics about nautical terminology, hoisting the sails, rigging, tacking, jibing, and safety.


If you prefer to get ASA certification, we offer an array of adult courses several times each year. These are normally taught in limited groups and range from 1 to 5 days. If you prefer to have just you and your family or friends aboard during any of these courses, you can also charter one of our catamarans and have a private instructor on board. Satisfactory completion of our sailing instruction will allow you to bareboat charter vessels through Sail Away. Contact us for pricing.

Sailing Seminars / Live-Aboard Lessons Aboard Makai

Catamarans are the boat of choice for many as they offer spaciousness, comfort, and they don’t heel over. If you are new to catamarans or have never been on one, we offer 6 hour sailing seminars. These seminars are taught completely on the water aboard one of our sailing catamarans. The seminars provide an open forum in which introduce you to terminology and hardware specific to cats and identifies the differences between anchoring and docking a catamaran. You will also have ample opportunity to hoist the sails or take the wheel if you like. If you are considering living aboard, we will also discuss lessons learned and handy tips discovered by our staff while living aboard as well as discussion on how to find the right boat for you if you want to live the cruising lifestyle. These seminars are scheduled several times a sailing season and are generally held with no more than 10 “students” – contact us for available dates. These seminars cost $300/person and include food and refreshments.


Blue Water Sailing Opportunities

We also offer opportunities to take blue water sailing / life afloat lessons between the east coast of the US and locations such as the Bahamas, USVIs and BVIs. If you have never sailed on the open ocean, these sailing excursions will expose you to an extraordinary sailing experience! Contact us to schedule these special open water excursions!